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Spotify Connect on Smart TV/Streaming Devices

Please add Spotify Connect capability to internet TV devices such as Roku, SmartTV, blu-ray players, etc.

Updated: 2015-06-18

Hi @musicfan145 Spotify Connect is already supported on the Amazon Fire TV, Libratone Diva, and Philips Smart TV. We're always working to add new partners, and we will update our website here when there are any additions. 


The smart TV apps of Spotify are dreadful.. Wish they'd update.. Using Samsung Smart TV app, and the lack of Spotify connect & sorting playlists after date added, is so annoying. 


what about ROKU?


I agree that the Samsung Smart TV app needs updating desperately. I know so many people and businesses that  use this tv. It's crazy how good the app on my PS4 is and how useless the one on my tv is. The integration between iPhone and console apps is seamless. It is so tedious to use a tv remote for browsing or to type song titles I NEVER use it. I check back now and then to see if it's improved. Nothing yet. 


I have a Roku Tv (Alba) and I have access to the Spotify app through NowTV. I've added the app to the 'my apps' section, logged in etc... my problem is that, beforehand I had access to my playlists on the sidebar when I load Spotify up… however that seems to of disappeared and I want to know how I can get it back 


LG TV with webOS 3.0. Was disappointed to not be able to use Spotify connect. Will there be any support for this kind of smart TV in the future? Wouldn't have bought it if I'd known this among other things. 


An updated version on the Vizio Smart-TV is also required.

Thank you. 


How can add other device?


I HATE using Spotify Connect to listen to music on my TV/home audio system!  If I'm having a party and someone calls, kind of kills the mood when the call overides.  Also if I'm streaming off my phone for a few hours -phone battery is near dead when I leave my home to go out.  Using a laptop to connect kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone/remote.  Poor idea to drop the TV app!


Could you please tell me why my phone won’t let me connect to my Roku(TLC) smart tv, because I want to use my phone as a remote to Spotify.