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Spotify Connect on Smart TV/Streaming Devices

Please add Spotify Connect capability to internet TV devices such as Roku, SmartTV, blu-ray players, etc.

Updated: 2015-06-18

Hi @musicfan145 Spotify Connect is already supported on the Amazon Fire TV, Libratone Diva, and Philips Smart TV. We're always working to add new partners, and we will update our website here when there are any additions. 


Support for Samsung Smart TV please.

Need Spotify Connect available on Vizio smart TVs as well! We have a very basic app that is not very well put together and it also lacks Connect ability.

I just bought my brand new LG Smart Tv with webos 2.0 and i am really disappointed with it's native Spotify App. 

It has been updated recently, but still no Spotify Connect and half of the mobile or desktop app features are missing. 

Please do sth.


Could anyone from spotify team reply us, please? We have plenty of other services nowadays and isn't quite intelligent you guys do not only ignore but also being so long without make an improvement to Smart TV apps.
Spotify connect for samsung smart tv so i don't have to use **bleep**ty app thats on the tv, since u update spotify twice a day get som of those technicians to recode the smart tv spotify app instead.
Hi... I got my new Samsung Smart TV and the spotify app is shocking. Please add spotify connect on Smart TV. Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseee

Spotify on Samsung Smart TV is so terrible it would be better if it had only one function - spotify connect. Is it so hard to implement ?!?


Spotify Connect at Samsung tv please. Application is very old, deezer is usuable than this but I have premium account at spotify

We have 3 Samsung Smart TVs, an Iphone and an Android phone. Smart TV streams music to speakers on our deck by the pool and inability to use phones to control Spotify through TV is the main reason I got the premium service.  I will be cancelling membership in 2 weeks since I can't use it for this purpose.  Can't believe this has not been addressed since the original requests in 2014. Very disappointed


That was supposed to say the "ability to use phones to control Spotify" the main reason I got the premium service