Way to prevent duplicates in playlists.

I have big playlists, and would like a built in way to prevent duplicates from occuring in my playlists.  This could be an option to prevent, or select/hide duplicates.

Update 2015-03-17


Hello everyone. Spotify here. With the latest release of the Desktop app, this feature is now available across Desktop, iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


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To the devs and PM's in charge: A way to do this is conceptualize playlists as tags.  So rather than adding a track to a playlist, I'm putting a tag on it, and consequently if it already has tag A, adding the same tag A a second time has no effect.  


This conceptualization can have other UI impacts -- displaying the tags whenever I see the track, regardless if it is during a search or playback or looking at tracks in another tag.  This also allows you to collapse the "star" playlist into just another playlist.




Right click playlist- remove duplicates. 










Highlight songs- right click- remove duplicates        





this would make me {And most users} very happy

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@orangesgdow - merged your idea with this one as it's essentially the same

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@orangeshdow: it would be much more convenient if you could optionally choose to prevent duplicates from being added to a playlist in the first place. Either globally or only for specific playlists.


I was a bit disappointed, that the Playlist and Search features of Spotify are very basic and a little bit lacking :(. Hopefully this feature will be added soon... 4 years later 😉



It would be useful to have a warning pop-up when I add to a playlist a song, which already exists in that playlist.


I sometimes add a song to a playlist without realizing that this song is already in the playlist. I end up having several same songs in the same playlist. Is it possible to change this?


Thank you.

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I would remove automaticaly the duplicates songs in my playlists. Have you a way to do that ?

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It doesn't matter that this idea is a duplicate. This has been requested for several years and spotify staff has not so much as dignified it with a response. And it's a really simple thing. This is ridiculous.


I've got several huge playlists I leave playing on shuffle at a bar... however some songs I'd like to play a bit more frequently.

Thats where duplicates come in handy. 

if you dont want duplicates, dont put the same song on your playlist twice. der.

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Hey Xdadex.


This is not a solution. Many has a thousands playlists. Don't put a duplicate... is that easy? No. If you do not believe it, feel free to create 5 playlists with 10,000 songs in each.


Also do you know how Spotify Shuffle works when you have a duplicates? A song can be played after this one. So sometimes you may have to listen this song 1 time in hour, maybe 10 time in hour if you have many duplicates.


How you can deal with this, just create idea. Spotify DJ whatever where user can create "smart preferences" like add start and end time to song, prioritise song in shuffle, skip song in shuffle... etc. options.