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iDeal payment system for the Netherlands

Because a lot of Dutch people don't have a creditcard or doen't use PayPal.. I think it would be extremely usefull for spotify to add the 'iDeal' online payment system for users from the Netherlands! When this payment system is intergrated to pay for Spotify Premium etc, i think loads of Dutch people will get Spotify Premium! Smiley Happy


I am still waiting for this myself! Who's with me? Smiley Very Happy


We're happy to say this is now implemented for our users in the Netherlands. You can read more about iDEAL right here. Keep the feedback coming guys! 


I think the implementation of iDeal would mean a great increase in paying users in the Netherlands.


Ideal, yes please. I would also be a premium user then. For years.


I'd love listening to music but i hate the add's but i dont have a credit card so please make it hapen


I think it wil be a wise move to make it posible to make payment posible by ideal. Actualy, i think its strange that this method is not yet available. Most people in the Netherlands make payments on the internet this way. So why wait.....?


I am surprised that iDeal isn't yet accepted.

PayPal sucks balls and isn't that safe.

iDeal is "safe" and it transfers the money nearly directly to the correct account.

It's closer to an extention of current online banking and uses your normal bank account, then it is a seperate account to which you need to transfer money, so it's safer, cheaper and easier to use.

Spotify could make a lot more money by accepting trusted payment systems (like iDeal and it's belgium and german counterparts Mr Cash and Giropay) over forcing people to use CC or something terrible like PayPal.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Only ideas with 40+ kudos should have the good idea status.


40 kudos? How are people suppose to know they have to be here, at the community page, to give their vote? And then there's the language issue. Most of the Dutch speak English but it is naive to think that we all do. I'm sure lots of people wouldn't even bother to look here simply because they don't know how to get here. iDeal is the nr.1 payment system in the Netherlands so I'm a bit surprised Spotify doesn't give the option for Dutch users. I would upgrade my account instantly if the iDeal option was given.... No iDeal? No upgrading..



As a developer I'd suggest you guys lookin to ogone for implementing ideal with more ease. There are ways to get temp creditcards online but it's too much hassle. Make ideal work already


Kudos for this idea!


Alternative option for the Dutch without a creditcard; you can buy 'top-up' / gift -cards at every local Albert Heijn / Kruidvat / Bruna. So it's still a hassle, but not impossible to use Spotify Unlimited / Premium without a creditcard.



Please, its made incredibly easy to implement IDeal into all kinds of online store models, please make us happy and do so ;]