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[iOS] Siri Integration

Status: Implemented

Instead of Siri Integration in the way this post is requesting, Siri Shortcuts Support would be far more useful and beneficial to the users, and easier for Spotify to implement. Please vote for this idea instead:


Now that Apple has announced an API for developers to have access to Siri, it would great if Spotify supported it, as well as announcing Siri support in the update release notes instead of the worthless "We're always making changes and improvements to Spotify" messages, that make finding new features a guessing game. (Like support for 3D Touch.)


Updated on 2019-10-07

Spotify is now integrated into Siri on Apple iOS devices.


This eagerly awaited feature will let you control Spotify and play music, podcasts, and playlists using the power of your voice. Now you can listen to Disney Hits or an exclusive podcast like Set It Straight with Midland at work, home, on the commute, while exercising, or doing chores, all by saying the familiar “Hey Siri, play. . . ” to hear the audio you want. Just make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 13 – from there, remember to end each phrase with “on Spotify.”


The Siri integration is also available on our new and improved app for iPad.

Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2016-06-13

Marked as new idea.


I hope the SDK allows for this kind of thing. It would be great to have both on macOS and watchOS too !


If THIS is true, it's not going to happen anytime soon 😞


YES. Please.


As mentioned in that link posted by Wunderwally, the Siri SDK in iOS 10 is limited to 6 types of apps:

Ride Booking (e.g Uber), Messaging, Photo Search, Payments (e.g. Paypal), VoIP calling (e.g. Skype), and Workouts. Unfortunately media apps like Spotify are not supported currently.

However, there is another new SDK for continuous speech recognition which Spotify may potentially be able to use so you can do voice searches if Spotify is open.


(Windows 10) Cortana integration would be lovely as well as this is possible on Windows 10 so please Spotify make this happen.


YES! I hate how they don't outline the features of new updates. 


Or allow me to say "Hey Siri, Skip Track"... or... "Hey Siri, Favorite This Track".


Not possible with current SiriKit:


Would be awesome searching for music, start playing something or just request a track change.

Sometimes I'm working and I want to search some music on my iPhone, would be really awesome ask "Hey Siri, play Top Cover playlist on Spotify." or "Hey Siri, next track on Spotify." \o/

Just don´t forget this resource in Portuguese Brazil too !!!