[iOS] Split Screen Support

It would be awesome if spotify could support the IOS 9 Multitask Split-Screen feature ...!!!

Updated on 2021-01-13

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We're marking this as implemented, as multiple iOS devices now support Split View.




Why do we not have this yet?  I may switch to Apple Music because I need this feature.  


Come on Spotify people, hurry up with this feature! Now I must use an ugly app like Tunedeck to control Spotify in multitasking pane. Apple Music is already there for ages. 


It is the main reason that this app is not on my main working machine (iPad Pro).  It's been 2 years, please update the app with this very basic iOS functionality.

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IOS 11 was announced and Betas already realeased today but there's still no split screen support in Spotify.... how disappointing.


Please take action on it immediately.

That is very inconvenient and very poor quality as an iPad App.

It means that low development capabilities of iOS App.


Couldn't agree more with the need to add ipad split screen support! I was just looking browsing in Safari and wanted to skip a Spotify track so I tried to open in on split screen and was shocked to see that dozens of far inferior apps on my ipad support split screen while Spotify does not!. It would be so convenient to be listening to Spotify in the background while I'm working in another app and then briefly slide open Spotify from the side when I need to quickly pause it, skip a track, change albums, etc,then close it again. Or have the two apps running side by side like so many other ios apps allow.


Why has there been no progress on this for 2 years....?  The reason, I'm guessing, is because Spotify/Google/Waze want to make the iOS versions of their apps as crappy as possible....example of this :  Google hasn't allowed Spotify and Waze integration on the iOS apps, but it's offered on the Android equivilent.  This has everything to do with Google versus Apple.  What Google doesn't seem to understand is - Even if you cripple your Apps (google maps, waze and spotify), it won't be enough to get people to migrate from iOS to Android.  All it does is **bleep** people off as it becomes more and more clear what your motives are.     


@__spo__any update on this? It would be really awesome to not have to jump in to the full-screen app just to select a new playlist. I'm not a pro at Swift or Obj-C but I know it's just a few lines of code since this is a universal (iphone/ipad) app and is already optimized for iphone screen sizes.


I know a ton of premium subscribers that would really appreciate this feature (especially with iOS 11 on the way!).


It's been almost two years since iOS 9 released, I should be able to dock Spotify on the side of another app in iOS for iPad!