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Allow the Community to add Lyrics If Spotify Will Not!

It is annoying that some songs don't have lyrics. I want Spotify to add them already! Even a song 24 years old doesn't have lyrics yet! If they don't do it, let the community add song lyrics.

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Why not allowing to private not artists to contribute lyrics to songs without such.

1. at first it can be locally stored on local disk

2. second store on spotify but as not approve/candidate

3. after maybe artists approval or something like  it make it the official



I reached out to customer service about this problem and they told me that lyrics were moved to premium and apparently they sent out notifications, that no **bleep**ing one got. I asked the same thing to an another agent and they mumbled about not being available even though the website they provide has it available. Most people that has this problem does not have premium and I saw some people saying that their friend with premium has lyrics. They are removing the lyrics on purpose.


Yes, they should make it free! If the lyrics are only premium then that isn't right.


As much as that would be cool (added my vote!), I think that might be more of a feature request to the lyrics provider MusicMatch, unless Spotify wants to take on completely hosting lyrics on their own. Also, I think there might be issues with copywriting or intellectual rights which could further hinder this idea from becoming a reality. Otherwise, it could be a cool Collab opportunity with them to expand. 


Thanks KatesHere 

Maybe Spotify can work together with MusicMatch (wasn't aware of that) that allow individual contribute lyrics. Regarding copyrights I think that Spotify can handle that since they also publish the media itself, and if not I am sure that most of artists would love that collaboration or maybe some part of it (with some consent or specific approval)


Spotify pulls lyrics from MusixMatch, which already allows users to contribute lyrics. Add the missing lyrics there and they will be added to Spotify.


But when will they do other songs?? This song has been here for so long and they haven't added lyrics


I think Spotify recently lost a court battle over song lyrics. The agreements with artists was ruled to cover music, but not lyrics, unless they paid extra (I'm not sure about this part), or maybe not at all without the artists' consent. Soon after, songs that before had lyrics attached had those lyrics disappear.

I'd upvote this, but I think Spotify's hands may be tied on this issue.


Dear Spotify!


I have some songs in my playlist that are missing lyrics. Since my passion is to listen to music and sing along, my idea is to contribute by transcribing lyrics. I have been doing that for my own pleasure for years now. Sharing is caring after all. 



Kertu Liivik