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Break up long podcasts with music

Some podcasts are much longer than an hour, so it can be quite exhausting to listen to them in one go. So it would be very cool if there was an option to pause the podcast in between to play some songs and then resume the podcast.


Here's how that would work:

While uploading:

When uploading the podcast, the host could set pause markers where the podcast can be paused (topic changes or short pauses in conversations would be great for this, for example). If there are no break markers set, an algorithm could also do that job break markers.



In the Spotify app, there would be a slider to set values between 10 (pause podcasts about every 10 minutes - the closest pause marker is used) and infinite (play all podcasts without break).

Another slider lets you set the length of the pauses in your podcast. Depending on that, more or less songs will then be played during the break.



When you play a playlist, you simply add the podcast to the queue so Spotify knows you want to listen to music from that playlist in between (unless, of course, your first slider is set to infinite or to values longer than the duration of the current podcast).



It would be great, if this feature gets added to Spotify 😄

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Updated on 2023-09-24

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OR, you can pause your podcasts yourself smarty, spotify anyways saves the timestamp of where you left off


But that isn’t very practical for example while driving