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Please :(

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Just reposted about this and @MartinStoichkov archived it and sent me here... Not sure why as this post has been a good idea since 2014 and has seen absolutely no action. Why bother telling me to comment and vote if they aren't going to do anything? Spotify seriously showing they don't care at this poin



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Apple Music offers the discount to Canadians, why can't Spotify? It seems that Spotify doesn't care about Canadian customers. 

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It's over, they finally got it. I've been posting in this thread for two years for this moment. I'm still with Apple Music though. Need a bigger incentive to give up my Taylor swift $4.99 Apple Music subscription.


Spotify just matched apple's deal which could have been done long ago. Try to win your old customers back Spotify. I didn't come here for years to have a price match. Make it sweeter.

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Good news!


The student discount is now available in Canada:


If you are still a student, check it out.

Note: Due to restrictions, this offer is unavailable in Quebec.


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Status changed to: Implemented

I AM SOOOO FURIOUS! Why not in Quebec?

I have waited this for years, came straight to the registration and cannot find my university in the list cause w are in Quebec!!!

Quebec has one fourth of the population and half of the respected universities. Plus, apple music gives the discount to Quebec! What is wrong with you Spotify?


I am so tired of this! You can have discount if you are in Chile but apperently not if you are in Mtl?

F888 this!


 Hello! I'm a student attending John Molson School of Business in Quebec and it would be great if it could be added to the list of universities available for a student discount! Pretty please, we work and study hard we deserve one too :) 


My school isn't on the list!  MH Vicars School of massage therapy in Calgary Alberta. Can anyone help me? Can it be added to the list? 


How can a high school student get a student discount on premium