[Community][Partnership] Spotify Chart On Bangladesh

As Bangladesh has many music lovers, artist and lots of premium spotify users who support their favorite artist by streaming song, we want to see our streaming chart from our country. As a BTS fan specially I want to see Bangladesh Spotify chart and our favorite artist streaming ranking of our country

Updated on 2021-07-15

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Yes we do need Bangladesh Spotify Chart and streaming ranking of our country. 


We want Spotify chart and artist streaming ranking in Bangladesh.


We need Bangladesh Spotify Chart and streaming ranking of our country. 

We want Spotify streaming chart in Bangladesh

We need Spotify charts raking and streaming rates of the artist  in SPOTIFY Bangladesh



We want to see Bangladesh Spotify Chart and Streaming Rankings of our Country 


We want Spotify streaming charts and steaming rankings of the artist in Bangladesh 


We want spotify streaming chart. Every fandom wants to see their hard work in their own country's chart.Even we want.  


We want the spotify chart in our country


yes please look into it! 🙏🏽