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Push Notifications for New Releases

On the mobile app the What’s New section when swiping right displays new music, artists you follow release. It would be great if we got push notifications instead of having to check in app for them.

Similar to how YouTube sends you notifications when a channel you subscribe to releases a video. Imagine choosing which artists of the ones you follow you get notifications from and possibly even what type of releases (eg singles, EP, Albums or a combo of them).


Reading some community posts suggests this may have been a feature but it’s either stopped existing or not working for me (notifications are enabled on Spotify and on in phone settings. Also tried reinstalling the app etc etc). I have received a small amount of notifications for albums. But only very infrequently. It misses the vast amount of releases.




i feel like i always keep missing new music from the artists i follow. i never get notifications for new releases. all of my notification settings in spotify and devises are on 😕