[Social] Block Followers

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2018-07-09

Hey folks.

We're changing this status to good idea.


We definitely think this is a strong idea, however it isn't in our current road map.
The teams behind our social features are aware that you're bringing your feedback here and we're working closely with them to bring forward all your comments and concerns.

If there are any updates on blocking Spotify followers we will let you know here first.

Thanks everyone!


This is insane that you wouldn't offer such a basic privacy feature to your account system.


I gladly pay monthly for both Apple Music and Tidal. After a few friends still lingering around with spotify, I decided to check it out again after a long break since ~2013... 


I'm so disgusted it has taken me 20 minutes to realize you dont have the functionality to ban a follower, so I'm contemplating saying goodbye entirely and deleting my account because I just can't justify spending another minute on your bogus app platform when you clearly don't respect your users and their right to privacy. 


Get it together spotify... y'all are 20 minutes away...

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 Women who have protective orders against domestic abusers ignored by Spotify! Wow! Highly doubt they'll consider my request for a solution to block followers if they won't even help protect those who fear for their safety. 


Hi - my crazy ex is following me and my friends on Spotfy- this means he is listening to my playlists that Ive made my public to share with friends and not ex's. I am upset that he doing this to me in a stalker-ex kind of way (I have blocked him on every other from of social media and internet related app). More annoyingly Spotify hasn't addressed this despite people asking for years for it. At what point do they listen. Out of principle I am considering going down to free service as I am so upset. 

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I vote for this feature too.

I was also thinking, if it was even possible to have additional privacy settings, like make profile and playlists viewable only by followers or people you follow. But the block feature is what I want the most even though I know it's possible for someone to make several accounts. I know this creep who did that just so he'd be able to see my social media profile. I don't want to make all my playlists private just so I stop giving this ONE person the satisfaction of stalking me.

Please, please, PLEASE consider the block feature, Spotify Team. It would help people with abusive exes, stalkers, secret whatever and people with mental disorders that are a result of the first three.


This is over 1500 strong what are you going to do about it. This is a sick misuse of your customers. Especially the ones to pay monthly membership. Even for people we have blocked on Facebook and other social media we have no way of stopping watching and viewing what we listen to so forth. IF YOU WANT YOUR SERVICE TO INCORPERATE A SOCIAL ASPECT YOU HAVE TO PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMERS. I'm sure you are aware since there is a feeble block option for messages that is riddled with bugs. And yet the actual networking aspect of social networking has no privacy or protection for its users. Allowing anyone to view follow and keep watch on whoever without the victims concent OR VOICE EVEN BEEING HEARD because it's clear you aren't taking this thread seriously. Are you guys going to get real with ur business or what. 


Disgusted this is not already a thing. WHere is your common sense and decency Spotify how can you offer a product and not protect your customers. How can you read even one of these posts from innocent women who are your customers who pay for a service to simply listen to music and are stil being harassed by their past even some with restraining orders against people, importing you to have a basic function for any service with a social network aspect. Get real. 

I know there is no way to make someone unfollow on Spotify, but I wish there was.  I allowed a person I dated to follow me and now can't get him off.  I feel like my privacy is being invaded and I can't stop it unless I create a total new account. (?) As a long time premium member I am extremely dissappointed in Spotify for this. 

Please help by giving users an option to make changes to who may follow them on Spotify.  Relationships and situations change over time and it's only reasonable to be able to control and make changes as needed to your own private profile.  Please, please consider giving us this option. 

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It makes me sick reading all these comments on people with stalkers and restraining orders against people still following them. My situation isn't nearly as bad, but some people still following me put a bad taste in my mouth from a long time ago. If this idea alone has 1,500+ votes, why has it been ignored since 2013? Spotify is an insanely popular music streaming app, so why doesn't it have one of the most basic features that other social media apps do?

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The fact that its an idea that dates all the way back from 2013 to 2017 just shows how low is customer satisfaction on the developer's priority list. I'm considering cancelling my premium as well at this point.