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Spotify Connect initial volume on Yamaha RX-V485

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When I connect Spotify to my amplifier (Yamaha RX-V485), it plays at the volume that was last set on the amplifier, not using the volume setting from Spotify, which I have to click manually in order to set the proper volume. 


Eg. Listening to Spotify with Yamaha at -45dB, then watching TV, using the amplifier set to -30dB. When I switch to listening with Spotify, the volume is at -30dB (which is not reflected by the volume slider in the app by the way). I have to change the setting manually back to -45dB.


Is it possible to send volume-level info to the playback device when connecting to it?

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Updated on 2023-09-19

Hello @NemesisIrae and thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!

We've gone ahead and marked this as a new suggestion. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes! 🙂

More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.