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Spotty, my music co-pilot

Status: Live Idea

I constantly keep thinking about how to influence the algorithm that controls what I hear and the playlists that appear to me. How about a mini bot that allows us to take charge a bit. Imagine if you had “Spotty” an interactive bot alongside you that allows you to curate the listening experience. I would be able to tell it what I like listening to RIGHT NOW (not always the same), tell it all the types of music I like (my start with spotify was some pop music and now it keeps recommending the same things and I find it hard to break out of this loop!), I can tell it what my kids like to hear and say “hey you will realize that when I am with my daughter she likes to hear these songs”, or “hey I am in the shower and want to play some music” so Spotty would hear me say “skip this song” and go to the next one so that I don’t have to be forced to hear a song I don’t like. Many use cases and I have thought about this a lot and all roads lead to Spotty ☺️