[iOS] Apple Watch: Spotify Streaming and Offline Listening

Apple Watch: Offline Listening


watchOS 5 should allow Spotify to develop an app that allows offline listening and streaming via cellular data.


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Updated on 2019-09-18

Hey folks,

We wanted to post an update as a lot of you have added your votes to this idea. 

We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.

We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance. The best place to keep an eye on is on the Spotify Newsroom blog for updates about any partnerships.


Thanks for continuing to share your ideas!


If spotify won’t do this I am moving away with my whole family. Is time to stop whining about equality and deliver the (actually useful) features which are provided by other services. 


I really hope Spotify will update the Apple Watch app to support streaming and/or saving playlists locally soon. I'd loved to be able to run without my phone and really prefer Spotify over Apple Music. It's much more intuitive and I've been using it for years. I'd love not give all my money to Apple. I've got 3 months of Apple Music for free right now which I'm going to use for my outdoor runs this summer. I'd really like to keep using Spotify if they can provide this enhancement!

Casual Listener



I think this post says it all. When can we expect this feature? 


Edit: Ah, I see it was already posted. Didn't see the comments, sorry for that. But it never hurts to emphasize a need!


I'm so upset that spotify does not have offline streaming for the apple watch, also there's already 2 years apple introduced cellular in its watches and still spotify wasn't able to uptdate to use cellular? this unaceptable since we pay a monthly subscription, EVEN PANDORA has it and you guys don't.

This is so frustatring, what the **bleep** are your app development department doing?! SERIOUSLY 


Why can’t I stream from my Apple Watch to my Bluetooth device when away from my phone, even though I have mobile access to the watch?


Not looking for offline listening on Apple Watch, rather streaming Spotify when apple watch cellular is connected to cellular but not with the phone.


I am so in favour of this! I use Spotify daily and whilst the new Watch app is great it really annoys me that I cannot download playlists and podcasts directly! It's the only thing Apple Music has over Spotify right now. Would love to know if Spotify are planning to add this feature (and when!). I am sick of having to use Apple Podcasts for my podcasts at the moment...


I've been wanting to switch over totally to Spotify for music & podcasts (of which I listen to a lot), but my last hold out on switching with podcasts is not being able to download to my Apple Watch. And I'm certainly not going to use Apple's Podcast app on my watch and Spotify for Podcasts on my phone and computer becuase then what I have and haven't listened to would be all out of whack.