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[Country] Make Spotify available in North Macedonia

There are a lot of requests for making Spotify available in North Macedonia but none of them have reached more than 100 votes and they are closed, so go on and vote for making Spotify available in Republic of Macedonia as soon as possible since it is going viral in North Macedonia and still people can't use it.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us! 


We're excited to share with you that this idea has now been implemented! Your votes matter and we thank you all for contributing to its implementation 🙂 

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-09-26

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

I have created the idea but is weird that people in Macedonia can't sign up to vote for this idea and my question is how Macedonian people are supposed to vote for this idea ? It doesn't make sense. We can't expect foreigners to vote for the idea. 

Hey why not?


Not a macedonian but i still voted for you guys 🙂


Thank you 🙂


This is so not fair, I don't see the point in not making it available in Macedonia.

I do 10000 things just to make it work for me.


I want to pay premium membership. Now I don't pay and yet use the app, since I found ways to use it. 

And that bothers me a lot. 


 I want to pay and use Spotify fully, just as I use many more apps. 


I originally posted this idea, but I don't see a way to get more people to vote for this idea. I truly want to use Spotify, mainly because it's a cross-platform application. I can start listening to music on my computer and then continue on my phone, or I can even control the songs playing on my TV or on my computer using my phone. It's so intuitive and yet unavailable. I asked my friend to let me use his account for a while and this service is a real game changer for listening to music. I'm downloading it everywhere as soon as it becomes available. Maybe there is more than just making it available, but I'm not gonna argue that. I just want to use this service.


Seeing as how our Macedonian neighbors are in the same position as we are in Serbia, I definitely voted for this idea. Get off your asses, Spotify, and make this happen for both of us.


 I posted this idea on forums and I hope it gets even more votes, and I truly hope this will be taken in consideration, as we have currently no way to use spotify premium besides buying scammed accounts over ebay and they do not last long. I really want to pay for this service and I am sure many others do. People from Macedonia as stated can't even make account to upvote this idea so please accept it.