[iOS][Connect] Add Spotify Connect support for Spotify Kids

When playing music through Spotify Kids, it is not possible to cast the music to a Google Chromecast audio device. This has lead to many conversations revolving around “but why can’t I put my dance party on the stereo”, and so we have to go back to the main Spotify app to get said dance party going and avert the tears 😀And with the kids stuck at home on account of school closures and lockdowns, there are a lot of dance parties happening. And they much prefer the app geared towards them than the regular app. Because the Spotify Connect feature is already implemented in the main Spotify app, it should be implemented also in the Spotify Kids app to have the same connectivity options.

Updated on 2020-04-19

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Updated on 2020-04-19

Marked as new idea.




I agree with this!! 

I love how easy it is to device connect the original Spotify app and play music on our Alexa Show and dot. I really want to be able to do this with the Spotify Kids App so they can play playlists on Alexa devices. We have Alexa devices in the kids rooms and living room, it would be great if they could play the music through them from the Spotify Kids App. 


I know this App just launched but I’m wondering if there will be an update to Spotify Kids App to device connect to the Alexa devices like the echo show or dot? Or will there be a new Alexa skill available to do this? Right now it’s not compatible with these devices and many parents would really appreciate this feature! Thanks!

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Voting for this!!


My 3 year old loves the visual aspect of having the music up on the projector... even if it’s just the album art. It also seems like there’s an opportunity to implement some animations or other visual eye candy specifically geared towards kids once the Spotify connect / Chromecast integration is there. But it’s awesome this app even exists and I appreciate already. Baby steps 🙂

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Please add this feature to Spotify Kids.

it really defeats the purpose of being able to let your several different children and the parents listen to  different music in different rooms.  Spotify Kids must have been developed for parents with ONE child. What about the other 2 or 3 kids in quarantine wanting to listen to their song in their rooms?

Us parents are now forced to switch to a different platform to listen to our music. Maybe those other players will come up with a better product to this issue if Spotify won’t.

This is the only reason why I subscribed to Spotify Family. I hope they fix this solution or I am canceling my subscription to Family.



my kids (5 and 7) would love to have their „own“ app to control their radio play in their rooms.

Wouldn’t it be somehow possible to let the kids app connect to the Spotify connect app in the sound bar? (Raumfeld/Teufel)





Pleeease implement this! My son has a new iPod touch and a Nest Mini speaker in his room, and this would be a great feature. It's frustrating to have these devices that work well together in the "grown-up app", but then it's missing in the Kids' version. This is essentially the entire reason for subscribing to the Family plan! Thanks.


I love the kids app (listen to age-appropriate music, books, and sounds) but am disappointed that it is not available on more platforms only ios/android which means that the app geared to 12 and younger needs to have a tablet or phone to use the app made for them. I dont feel comfortable with my child carrying around a phone or tablet. It would be nice if this was a option for a smart speaker like nest/google home/ ihome or even stream players like apple or roku as to not tie up my phone or tablet or if we wanted to sit down for quiet time and listen to a bedtime story through the tv instead of watching tv or something. Dont get me wrong it is a great start just like to see more options for delivery options

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Please also add this on Android


Absolutely supported! We also miss SpotifyConnect at SpotifyKids. There are some SpotifyConnect ready speakers at our home and in the childrens rooms but they can not be used whis is really annoying and sad for our kids. 


Please bring Connect as soon as possible!


This is absolutely one of the more important, and I believe requested, features that Spotify currently fails to support. This post has only 92 votes at the time of my comment, but if you look at other similar requests asking essentially the same thing, there are thousands of votes for this type of functionality. Spotify absolutely needs to allow users who pay for multiple accounts, to assign specific accounts to specific streaming devices.  I'm on the verge of canceling my family plan if this is not addressed.