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2017 Wrapped


2017 Wrapped

I logged 76,000 minutes of streaming this year... there's got to be something I can do with this, right?


Spotify folks- Call me!


45 Replies

I see you are a man of culture as well. (Stephen and Galantis

Did anyone get above 200k?

Here’s my list:




how did you guys find your totatl min. and all that?


I thought 41 days worth of streaming was a lot, turns out people have over triple that...


@mikhan119 You can find all this stuff in

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i think i have you beat on minutes and different songs but not artist and genres. gotta make a point next year to listen to new artist and new genres!


that means you spent an average of 186 minutes on each song. are you insain?

Mate I got 77000 minutes and it thinks I'm 21



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This will probably make me look like a fool. You can’t contradict those BIG data, right? How ever, something looks a bit off with my 2017 wrapped stats. All thou I know I have listened to the music and artist in the top lists, the two artist I know for a fact that I listen to most, by far that is, didn’t even make the top 5 list. And the songs I know I listened most to, wasn’t in the list either. Last year the stats was pretty much as I expected. This year, not so much so. I wonder why?


Is it possible that data from off line listening is not collected here? I probably listen to my favorits offline more than I stream them.

Hey @mikkel-t


As far as I know, data from offline listening won't reach the Discover Weekly and the Daily Mixes, so I'm pretty sure it didn't reach to this feature either.


I tend to buy my favorites and listen to them elsewhere, because they are all .wav. :')


Te adjunto algunas canciones que son Hits. 

I attached some songs hits


I like your taste.


aww cute.


Easily over 200,000


go here and sign in with your spotify username and password !

I was thinking the same thing i made my account (with premium) around thanksgiving and listen at least 2-3 hours a day looked at my time warp to find i had 240 minutes WHAT I was expecting at least 1 or 2k and i’m thinking it must be because i listen to offline while i’m at school on the bus etc

All I listen to is Spotify why does it not have enough data? How do I fix this?

Screenshot (1).png

HA! You're funny. 


Hey guys, I was wondering: what period does the 2017 wrapped cover? as it is already avialable in december. Does it go from december 2016 to december 2017? Or januari 2017 to december 2017? This would mean that all your plays in december are ''for nothing''

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