A 90s song, PLEASE HELP!

A 90s song, PLEASE HELP!


Hello Spotify Community! A while ago i was listening to Spotifys own 90s list. I got through the whole list and there's one song that i liked, but i cant find.. So I'm here to ask for your help to find that song again! The clues i can give you is that this song is like no other 90s song, In the intro there's a piano and after some seconds the female singer pops up and starts to singing in a very soothe way. Later in the song there's a beat, a very simple beat and in the end there's a bass guitar popping up. The female sings in a soothe way the whole song. I dont know what to explain more. I hope this explaination helps abit! I have checked through spotifys own 90s lists and i cant find it in them.




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Hi Gazingsoul, thanks for the suggestion, great song. Better off Alone was released in 2000. Song I’m looking for came out in the early to mid 90’s. Not to mention the memorable lyrics. Thanks.

P.s. if you like better off alone, try to find the bootleg “Better off Free” by Alice Deejay vs Rozalla.


Mazzy star fade into you?


mikusficus, great song, I think it’s already been posted here once before. Not the song. Again it’s an instrumental track. Fade into you is a vocal lyrical track.


Hello there,


I have read the whole thread and I take it the song hasn't been established yet?


ETA:-  Was it Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack?



Hi Abbafan1972,

No as of yet I’m still looking. I may have hijacked someone else’s original thread but I believed that we were looking for the same if not a similar song. I’ve tried to describe it as best as I can but I keep getting suggestions that are extremely vocal tracks and many Donna not originating in the 90’s decade. Many are one hit wonders which this may be but again it’s a very instrumental track as I remember it. Was played during the mid 90’s on a Dallas based radio station called the Edge which is no longer around. I’m trying to locate playlists from that era and try to sift through them but I still haven’t found it as of yet. Song is similar to “Sweet Harmony” by The Beloved but we a female singing the vocals “yes” or “yeah”. Most of the suggestions here are very different from that song. Thanks


I think the confusion is that you are not looking for the same song at all. The OP states that the song they are looking for has a soothing female voice with a piano and limited instrumentation. A lot of the suggestions are going off that and could very possibly be what they were looking for. What you are describing/looking for sounds more towards the new age sound. If it was on a 90’s list I recommend checking out Enya’s 90s songs and also the Celtic new age that was very popular at the time. Good luck in your search.


Hi there!


I can understand the slight frustration from hunting down an obscure track! 'Sweet Harmony' by The Beloved is one of my all-time favourites. So it's like a nineties electronic chill-wave song? Now these may have cropped up on this thread or you may have tried these ones out but I'll list a few artists that could be relevant:


Saint Etienne


Opus III


The Grid

Utah Saints


808 State


Stereo MC's 

Texas - Inner Smile (based on the "yeah, yeah, yeah" and the fact that it sounds similar to 'Sweet Harmony'. It was released in 2000 though: https://open.spotify.com/track/6i3kIF4sosXFhkoSLMV7bP?si=5cX4YcDaSge8TLc3EfMtdQ)


Generally, if I'm hunting down a song, I will go through as many songs of each artist until I hear something familiar so might take a bit of time. Hope one of the artists above were responsible for the song you heard.







Thanks for the suggestions, I will check these out.

Oh ok cool


Hylcon and on and on by Orbital 

Hi Kram9, Halcyon & On & On by Orbital. Great track, thanks. Still looking. Thanks!


Okay. I swear I was looking for what you were looking for also and I found it. And I’m so sorry if I’m wrong and it’s not it. 



Dreams by The Cranberries 


I think it's the song wish you were here, by Rednex BUT its being sung by a different woman.  She sounds almost angelic.  Instruments in the background. I can't find it on the internet but I have a copy on an old burned cd.

Wish you were here me oh my countryman wish you where here.

Wish you were here don't you know the stove is getting colder and i miss you like **bleep** and i'm feeling blue.

I've got feelings for you babe do you still feel the same

from the first time i laid my eyes on you i felt joy of living i saw heaven in your eyes in your eyes I miss your laugh i miss your smile i miss everything about you every second's like a minute every minute's like a day when you're far away Wish you were here the stove is getting colder baby wish you were here a battlefield of love and fear

Hello skeleklin,
Fantastic song.  My favorite track from the Cranberries.  Unfortunately its not that.  Its more of an instrumental track with no memorable lyrics other than the word "Yes" or "Yeah" mentioned each bar for the several measures on beat 2 of a 4/4 beat song.  Still looking.  Thanks for the help.  The search continues.  I've been looking for this track for years.  You're in the correct time frame and genre.  


This is for the original message, a female singer that matches your description is in the group Cowboy Junkies (Margo Timmins). I haven't seen that group mentioned, so maybe?

Hi DeeC, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it’s not the track. Has way too many lyrics. The song I’m looking for is more of an instrumental track with very few lyrics. Thanks for the suggestion.


Is this still going on? Maybe its these 


Wilson Phillips- hold on 


4 non blondes- what's up


I hate when i find a song i really like but forget what its called and never find it again 😞 

Hi anthjr, thanks for the suggestions. Both are great songs but again still not the track. The song is more of an instrumental track. No memorable lyrics. These two songs have very memorable lyrics. The song I’m looking for has very few lyrics. I keep reiterating this but the suggestions coming seem to be very lyrical tracks. I think many people seem to be confused about what an actual instrumental track is. It’s usually the same version of the song without the lyrics. So I’m not sure why people keep suggesting tracks that are FULL of vocals. The search continues. Thanks 🙏🏻

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