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AOTY so far???


AOTY so far???

who do you guys think is in the running for album of the year so far! the pink tape is definitely up there for me but if UTOPIA drops this year, idk...

3 Replies

I thought Sleep Token - Take me back to Eden would have had more staying power based on the strength of the singles and the broad range of positive reviews. 

Zulu - a new tomorrow has been a constant on my playlists since it dropped. It's also flanked by massive reviews. Those guys are on the road getting their music out.

There's so much good stuff coming out I think it's hard to carry momentum month to month. 

I heard good things about Lil uzi vert - pink tape. Not my usual genre but I'll give it a spin.

interesting! ill have to give those two a listen! never heard of Sleep Token or Zulu before!

I gave Pink Tape a couple of spins and it's wild.

Totally see how it can be up there for album of the year. 

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