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Almost the Entire Catalog of "The Fixx" Removed???


Almost the Entire Catalog of "The Fixx" Removed???

Guess it's time to go rip my CDs and put them in Local Files.  I'll listen to The Fixx on Spotify one way or another...or one could say, "one thing (one thing) leads to anoooother"...

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I don't understand this. Why does it have to be the distributors "decision" to change the availability of soundtracks? Shouldn't they have a permanent licensing agreement? This is just despicable having to remove some amazing tracks that HAS TO BE REMOVED from popular music streaming software, even in albums that are available in a country, like "Saved by Zero" is not playable anymore except most songs are still playable in the track's album. It's ridiculous. How can we tell whether it's temporary or permanent, because if it's permanent... well, we're extremely disappointed.

I'm sick about this. Listening to The Fixx is easily like, 5% of my entire listening habits. At one point they had removed the 2 best Thomas Dolby albums; they have since returned. I can only hope the same goes for The Fixx! 

All the songs that aren't singles are still gone from Spotify. I really wish there was better communication on why/when song are removed. I dont think you are even allowed to import files anymore.

Reach the Beach has been off of Spotify for at least 6 months :'(

They actually have a reason for this on their website. (At least in the US) They believe they'll get more money from having only their most popular tracks available on spotify or similar services, and leaving almost all of their other songs only available to be purchased directly from their website. They believe their real fans will see the value and say, "it's worth it!" I would argue to the contrary, but I'm sure they've heard that sort of thing many times by now.

Various songs/album's/songs/remixes removed from my mega playlist recently:
The Fixx [extended versions of songs on reach the beach]
INXS [wembley stadium live]
Vitamin Z
Total Coelo
OMD [so 80's album collection]
Red Hot Chili Peppers [love rollercoaster beavis/butthead soundtrack]
(various spotify sessions by artist - exclusive spotify version of songs)
Murray Head
Men without hats
+ a few more
Dont understand why music rights owners wouldn't want songs available for purchase or streaming. Not available = zero money!
Trusty CD's are always there, physical media ownership is always the best to ensure you have what you want to consume.


Agree 100%! This will inevitably lose many Spotify customers as this is not the first band I was wanting to hear after previously listening on Spotify and only come to find it’s been removed. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years but I can always take my money elsewhere Spotify?

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