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Any Harry Potter fans out there?


Any Harry Potter fans out there?

Unless you're complete ignoring the news, you've probably heard about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child craze. 


So we were thinking in the office, if you were say a witch or wizard working in the Ministry of Magic, what would your soundtrack be?


What's a wizard's playlist for elevators that look like red telephone booths? And while they're apparating? Surely there's no WiFi down there right?


So HP fans, what should be in the Ministry playlist?

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I'll drop in one suggestion:


It totally has to be this...


This is a patronus in a song:


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Interesting post. I am a bit surprised no one thought of this song though, I Put A Spell On You originally from Jay Hawkins, which sadly a version from him does not seem to be available for U.S. Spotify listeners. So I thought I would throw in a monkey wrench on this post thread, and provide Marilyn Manson's somewhat twisted cover version for a Harry Potter Spotify themed playlist. 

Ministry of Magic meets Tomorrowland, maybe?
This was the first song with a wizardry term in my library :

I hate to be obvious, but it wouldn't be right without Hedwig's Theme:

I havent read the books or seen the films but there has to be a place for The Wizard by Black Sabbath.

It wouldn't be a Potter-thread without mentioning...


Harry and the Potters 

Draco and the Malfoys




You can all thank me later ;D

I've always liked Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls! 


End of an Era is classic, and if you want to cry about Sirius, Bridge to the Other Side is also very good. 


Plus, I have a feeling that wizard rock is the closest any of us will get to the Wierd Sisters or Celestina Warbeck.

Harry Potter and the Disrespectful Playlist

I'm making a humorous playlist in honor of the resurgence of the series. Any suggestions?


Seems like if you're trying to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic you would need some liquid luck to help you through so why not include Felix Felicis?

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