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Anybody know any rappers like Eminem


Anybody know any rappers like Eminem

Im looking to broden my playlist... I realy like the flow and the rhymes of Eminems music. Im currently looking for artist with simular qualitys.. Any thoughts??

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Check Logic out. Young talented white rapper. 

To get you into it check Logic's song WITH Eminem that came out recently:
Logic - Homicide (feat. Eminem)

Here's some artists that'll fit your vibe my G.



Nice about time someone mentioned a English rapper

I listen to a lot of rap from the uk.


contact play (dirty dike, jam baxter, ed Scissor, Mr key, Ronnie Bosh)

Brothers of the stone (leaf dog, BVA, illinformed)

Creatures of Habit (Eric the Red, Sean Peng)

Dead Players (group: Jam Baxter, Dabbla & Ghosttown)

Delegates of Culture (group: Skuff, Inja, S-Class, Toeman, Mad Prolific, Bee109, Ninko, AxWax, Chris Groove & Ill Seer)

Four Owls (Leaf Dog, BVA, Verb T, Fliptrix)

N.L.P (Eric the Red, Sean Peng, Smellington Piff, O.A.B)

Primitive Form (group: assa, jay madden, mic dyson)

Phi Life Cypher (Si Phili , Life MC & DJ Nappa)

Surreal Knowledge (group: Derogatory, Jay Madden, Mr **bleep**)

Split Prophets (group: Upfront, Res One, Bil Next, Paro, Flying Monk, Blanka, Datkid)

Taskforce (Group: Chester P, Farma G)

Tactical Thinking (group: assa, deadline, derogatory, jim raygun, kid genius, Mr **bleep**)

Just to name a few

Check out these English groups and the artists solo work

And when it comes to American K-rino is the best

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