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Audio Normalization Volum Issue


Audio Normalization Volum Issue

My Ep has released a few days ago on Spotify but when I turn Spotify Audio Normalization then the volume comes out too low. There is too much difference between volume when audio normalization is turned on and when it turned off. The master volume I sent you is not that small, so I wanted to ask if you could turn up the master volume a little more. My intro track has a small volume, but I think it's normalized with whole songs. When I listen to other people's music, some songs have similar volume even when audio normalization is turned off, but my songs have a very low volume.

My artist name : Hanyoung Ryou

I just release EP : Bipolar Mind Pt. 1


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Hey @Andy2820 


Regarding mastering, it's largely at the hands of artists on how loud it should be. Spotify for Artists has a detailed article for loudness normalization, and it includes mastering tips on how to ensure best possible outcome. Check it out here!

There's also this article "Track not as loud as others", which also contains some useful info.


I'd suggest getting in contact with the distributor/label that uploaded your music on Spotify, perhaps they can give more direct guidelines on what needs to be done.


Hope this helps, have a lovely day!

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