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[Blog] #MusicMonday November '19 Review


[Blog] #MusicMonday November '19 Review

#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check October's review, or My Year In Music to see some of the most recent posts.


November is the month we give thanks, and, in this case, thanks to all the artists who make an effort to present us a fresh take with their music. Here are some highlights, with a few words from the artists themselves:


Harmony Woods - Best Laid Plans II


“The best laid plans of mice and men,”
Is always what your mother said
“Don’t even think about it
You’re better off dead”


And that's how this Indie Rock track coming from Philadelphia, PA starts. Starting lyrically with a bang, slowly but surely, musically, the tension begins to mount until the very end:


"A lot of the songs on Make Yourself at Home (this one included) were inspired less by my (limited lol) romantic experience and more so influenced by what i observed from my environment growing up! this song is just one example of that chaotic messiness."




mioskii - Slide


mioskii.jpgGroovy indie pop is what describes this song, with its nice effective bass taking you for a ride all track long:


"So basically I’ve been going through a lot of relationships issues and it’s been the main root of all my songs. So I wanted to channel a completely opposite emotion from what I usually make. That’s how I came up with the idea behind this song. I wanted something more pop/dance oriented, just something that overall felt good to listen to."


I've made some mistakes,

yeah I've made some mistakes,

but... they've made me who I am today.




Lazy Day - Real Feel


From London, UK, this indie track takes on the subject of moving on, but not letting go, all through a dreamy pop vibe:


"The song is about feeling stuck between my past and my present. The lyrics shows how the past can take control of you sometimes, and I talk about the fear of being dragged backwards. But in the end, the song propels me forwards to a better place, and speaks about hope for what’s to come."




KYANOS - Egypt


For the last track, still from the UK, this Suffolk band brings a nice dose of progressive psychedelia, groovy enough to dance to:


"The track came together the first time we played it as a group, we wanted to delve right into old school psychedelia with the punching feel to the second half of the song. [Band member] Seth had written the riff and [Band Member] Sam came up with the lyrics and the melody, influenced by the feeling of distance can create between people - the closer you get physically, the further away you can start to feel...


Warnings signs of a dying relationship."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!




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