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๐Ÿ”ณ Cover playlists artwork. Which are your favorites?


๐Ÿ”ณ Cover playlists artwork. Which are your favorites?

I recently renewed the artwork of my "Periscope" playlists that cover different genres and musical styles.
The common denominator is that the artists are emerging; popular and growing but not famous.
So I designed the cover as a periscope oriented towards the type of music chosen.
The white background allows reading even at a reduced size while the color of the frame identifies the musical genre.
Finally, as a whole, the design resembles a light bulb, which represents ideas and creativity.

I'm looking for inspiration for my others album cover!

Share playlists with the covers you like best (yours or others)

6 Replies

.. this cover is very nice (not mine)
Essential and clean.

Cool playlist covers, Spotywakeup!


I really like this one from El Paraiso Records:


And I also think that this one from Spotify looks pretty cool:


AdamDamSpotify Star
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@AdamDam wrote

I really like this one from El Paraiso Records:

Thanks for the appreciation and suggestions.
El Paraiso Records has a truly captivating vintage look.
It reminds me of the opening credits of Tarantino's movies..

Playlist covers are fun to design, especially when you have a clear idea what you want : )


I am particularly proud of two of my playlist covers:


I drew all of that on the right one. The left one is basically constructed of a few layers from the right one and I love that shadowy look.

In case you want to see the actual playlists: this is #Promoday and that is Amon's setlist playlist.


I had fun with a cover for one of my private playlists too. It's essentially just me on that pic ๐Ÿ˜„



I've seen some eyecatching playlist covers, but currently can't remember where. Spotify has interesting cover pictures too - I like it when you look at the image of the cover and get a good idea what you're about to hear when you hit play.

Hi Sebasty,
I read somewhere that you are studying graphic design? or maybe I don't remember well.
The cover of Promoday is really balanced, I like it and think I'll listen to it. After all, this is the function of the covers.
I studied a bit of graphic design and motion graphics and tend to find meanings in the artworks.
Need to find inspiration for my 'Stay Curious' theme playlists.
What software do you use for creating pictures?
I used Photoshop on my best performing PC, now tried Affinity which is good but not excellent.



Yes, the course is starting soon. I am hoping to find a job through that as well as inprove my playlist cover making skills :')


About #Promoday: Thank you for the nice words! I do have to warn it's a weird playlist even for my standards!


I use Gimp. I've tried Word as well (lol) for it has some basic image editing options, but Gimp is my goto program.
I have Krita as well, but that's pretty different and built for digital painters specifically. I don't really get anything done there, I just get lost in the minutiae of tool settings... : )

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