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How to make people listen to your music


How to make people listen to your music


One of the biggest frustrations of a new artist is the feeling that people are not interested in listening to their music, they don't realize how interesting the message they send is. You spend hours composing, days recording and when you release your music almost no one listens; it's disheartening...


If you usually go through this, read carefully this tip that I will give here.


Today the way we listen to music has changed, so it is necessary to adapt to the new market model and for a song to catch the public's attention it needs to go through 5 important points which are:


1- Impact introduction, which is not long.


2- Melody easy to memorize.


3- Strong and repetitive chorus. Try to make a chorus with few words.


4- Time. Today people don't have the patience to listen to long songs anymore. Try to produce songs between 2:45 to 3:30 minutes.


5- Avoid using difficult language, composed your songs with simple phrases. Terms that your niche often uses.


Of course I'm not the owner of the truth, I'm explaining to you how the industry works, most of the songs that are successful today are composed and produced following these points.


I hope this article was relevant to you, a big hug and success with your new music.

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