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Hunger games album and Coldplay's Atlas have problem needs to !FIX!.


Hunger games album and Coldplay's Atlas have problem needs to !FIX!.

why cant users listen to good music's like as hunger games part 1 album ? ? ? when will it come back or is there any problem on my region somebody please... why it shuld be like that ??? 


and also why Coldplay's masterpiece (Atlas) is unable to play ??? 


please someone help me and other users or just say how long it will be like that... ?!.

2 Replies

Hey @LadiesMan218 


It's most likely a regional thing. The release is currently unavailable in France, Austria, Germany and South America (except for Guyana and Suriname). If you're based in any of those locations, you're unable to listen to the release at this time.


Music availability on streaming services, including Spotify, is controlled by licensing and distribution. If there's been a change in, for example, distribution or ownership, then the releases this change touches will be unavailable until things get sorted out.
They're in vast majority of cases temporary, so hopefully you will be able to listen to the releases very soon! : )

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