Japan Jazz fusion

Japan Jazz fusion

2 years ago i really wanted Spotify to show the amazing and powerful repertoire of one of my favorites musicians of all time, I'm talking about Masayoshi Takanaka, he has a beautiful skill when it comes to composition and guitar playing, right now I haven't seen any other Japan Jazz Fusion right now, Spotify should put more effort on this, how can artist so recognized and influenced like Tatsuro Yamashita cannot be on Spotify, anyone can relate?IMG-20220311-WA0035.jpeg

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I had not heard of him before but you got me interested. I'm glad for you that now he can be found on spotify . I started to listen him now and this sounds great. Thank you for sharing this guy.

I recommend you to listen to his album "Seychelles" and one of my favorite albums of his is "The rainbow goblins" but this one is on YouTube, his concert on this album is more pleasant than nothing.

Thanks for the tip👍 I have to check it out. In return, I could recommend such a Japanese Progressive rock band as Le Silo. I accidentally found them when I was searching music to my playlist. Since you like experimental music, I thought you could like this as well. Some of their songs are pretty weird (maybe even too weird for me), but they also have very beautiful tunes.  

Thank you so much for your recommendation brother, I appreciate it, I'll listen that band right now, I hope God brings you joy and peace on your day, have a good one 🙂

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