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Klangspot Song of the Week: Fritz Kalkbrenner – ‘Kings & Queens’


Klangspot Song of the Week: Fritz Kalkbrenner – ‘Kings & Queens’

Granted: I’m basically a music fan and I’m seriously looking forward to listen to every new song from the genres I’m personally fond of. But if an artist named Kalkbrenner is about to release, I get nervous. It’s hard for me to be neutral about a track. Yes, I am a fan. And mostly I wasn’t disappointed. This week I could look forward to the track ‘Kings & Queens‘ by Fritz Kalkbrenner, which was released on friday.


But why am I so excited about it? Of course, there’s no doubt that he’s an outstanding composer and producer. But it’s well known that I am closer to instrumental music like Melodic Techno or Surf Rock than to music with vocals.
On the one hand it is certainly the fact that Fritz is one of the few DJs or live performers who sing themselves. There is no guest singer for every track. On the other hand, it’s simply psychology that plays a decisive role in music. Music can reach you or it can’ t. like Fritz’s voice and the arrangements of his tracks with the great melodies and grandiose harmonies. It’s as simple as that.


Therefore I don’t want to take ‘Kings & Queens‘ to the smallest detail. It wouldn’t do justice to the track. Fritz Kalkbrenner fans should enjoy it and everyone else should listen to it. There’s a good chance you’ll find something new for yourself. 😉


You can hear ‘Kings & Queens’ on the ‘Vocalized Beats‘ playlist:

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