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Music You Didn't Like at First, But Grew on You


Music You Didn't Like at First, But Grew on You

Ever listen to an artist or album, and think "not for me," then go back weeks or years later, and think "Wow, what was I thinking, this is AWESOME!"


Moods are so pervasive and can ulitmately affect what you like at any given moment. Maybe you just weren't in the right mood when you initially played the album. Or when years have gone between listening, maybe you have matured and learned to appreciate something in a brand new way.


My first example is Deerhunter. Didn't like them at first, but they have been showing up on my Discover Weekly, and I decided to give them a chance. Now I think they are great.


Post something you changed your mind about!



91 Replies

When this was released in 2015, I was like "what kind of music is this? Pure crap". And today (2 years later), I keep listening to it often

And these songs as well. Years later after they were released, I completely changed my mind.

This is the first Future Islands song I heard and I enjoyed it but when I listened to their other music (they had released four albums at the time) I couldnt get into it. 



Fast forward to this year and the release of The Far Field and I listen to them almost daily. I listen to and love their whole discography now!



I'm a big fan of Future Islands.
This is the first song I heard by them and it's still one of my favorites.

When this album was first released, a blog called Electric Mariachi posted it, and I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting alone at my old desktop computer and pushed play. When Samuel first started singing, I thought, "what a strange voice!" But then the song escalated, and I fell under its spell. They have such an unusual sound... dark, but relaxing.

Also good is Moss of Aura, the instrumental solo project of Gerrit Welmers, the synth artist of Future Islands.

I suppose there are a few that I didn't like at first. The most outstanding one I remember was Robbie Williams' "Hey Wow Yeah Yeah". Listened to it on Youtube, didn't like it a bit. Got the CD (loved other songs) and found that this one is also very nice.
Partially could blame the poor audio quality on YT, but maybe I wasn't in the mood either.


Discover Weekly has a bit of an !diot's perseverance, offering me some tracks I don't like at first, but then I end up loving them. 🙂

@flypaperflowers pretty much every song I've ever liked falls into this category!


It usually takes two listens before a song really sinks its teeth in BUT deerhunter is perfect for that, I think I was the same.


It's 200% true that your mood influences how much you enjoy music, I deliberately have a playlist for 'seoncd listens' when I decide I might like a song, in case I was in too good a mood. Conversely, I'm very aware when I'm in a poor mood and try to be more generous then.


An artist that immediately comes to mind is:



I needed several tries to understand the music of Captain Beefheart, but meanwhile he is one of my favourite artists. In my opinion music, which doesn't fall into known categories, needs much more time, because you first have to adjust to the new sound. I still remember my first contact with Rockmusic and it sounded at first like random noise.



This one it’s my daughter fault, because two years ago she didn’t stop listen this guys and for me they sound the same all the songs but after several times to listen the album I star not like it and much is about the lyrics and we finally see them live was....amazing, no no no breathtaking, no no no incredible to see how they perform and how the people respond and all the energy they put in their show is definitely awesome!!!

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ThIs one is very similar to the case of Twenty One Pilots but this one the fault is from my son

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Sometimes I like a song within the first 30 seconds of it playing. Disappointing is when you go to the album and it's the only good song. 😕 At least now it's not as bad as when you'd spend $25 on a CD to find that out.

I remember a lot of my friends listening to Nine Inch Nails in the 90s and I just wasn't into it. His music is so dark and abrasive, and I don't think life had taken enough of a bite out of me to appreciate it. Sounds a lot better to me now too.


Kids are the best for that. It's always pleasantly surprising when they introduce you to something amazing.

With a lot of songs I have the thing that I need to listen to it several times before I like it. For me a few examples are:

I'm A Slave 4 U (Britney Spears)

24K Magic (Bruno Mars) (I became a huge fan eventually)

Put It In a Love Song (Alicia Keys & Beyoncé)

Breakdown (Mariah Carey ft. Krayzie Bone & Wishbone)

Angel of Mine (Monica)

Tough question because I usually connect immediately to a song I like, I guess I really couldn't get into "Whispers and Moans" by Crowded House at first, it just felt very bland as a Crowded House song and I would skip it every time I played "Woodface" due to my dislike of the song. Couple of years later, it's now one of my favourite Crowded House songs.




The other and more recent one is probably "Feel it Still" by Portugal. The Man, as it is one of those songs that really did take some listening to for me because I wasn't feeling it at all and on occasions I had to turn it off because I was frustrated as 'I should like this!' but I love it now and it does connect for me. 



I didn't like switchblade at first but now I love this

At first, I couldn't stand this album.

I gave it a few more listens, and now it's one of my favorite albums of all time, along with their newer ones:

Sorority noise is a truly underrated band, I hope they make it big.


@heartsrecycled couldn't agree more, great pick


i think that's true of every indie punk band i love actually!




psych pop hard to feel first listen, but then.. 

I didn't like a few of The Scrpit's song because I found it a bit over motivational but now I listen to them every few days while I'm exercising to keep me motivated 🙂

Ahhh I have so many for this! when it comes to music, it always depends on my mood if I'll like the song or not. One of these being, "Nothing Could Come Between Us" by Theory of a Deadman. I was in first grade when I first heard this, and my dad would always drive me to the bus stop playing some of his favorite songs. One of these being this song. I never really liked it until YEARS later. After hearing it a lot, I ended up loving it. What I didn't know was that the band who made this song would be my favorite band today.
Another song I grew to love was, "Crush", by David Archuleta. Now, I was late when seeing season 7 of American Idol. I saw it two months ago.. I love David Cook so much. I was never a huge fan of Archuleta. I remember last month I was going to South Carolina on vacation and I tried to listen to this song. I didn't like it that much. After listening a few more times a week or so later, I became obsessed with this song.

for me it was the Tragic Kingdon album by No Doubt! at first i wasnt that into it, and i listened to it couple more times and fell in love with it! 🙂 

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