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Mysterious Series of Artists / Singles - One Creator?


Mysterious Series of Artists / Singles - One Creator?

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This is not an operating issue question, more something from sheer curiosity. It's something I've never seen before on Spotify and would love to investigate further. 


Spotify recommended a song to me called "Mistral Isle" by an artist named "Kreznal." It's a cool, offbeat very short electronic synthy track. It's also only one of two songs by Kreznal. 


But, the Fans Also Like section recommended dozens of other artists with a nearly identical, unique sound. Caygoo. Gliocacyone. Daccar. Gharrer. Graalu. Goenousa. The list goes on. All of these artists also only have one or two songs, similarly short in length. It truly feels like this is one musician posting under dozens of different names - with one or two songs maximum per name. 


Finally, I cannot find out any information about any of these songs or artists elsewhere on line. 


Can someone / Spotify tell me more about this? Is it one artist? I'm a big fan of the music and my curiosity is piqued - would love to learn more. 


Thank you! 












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