Need help finding a song


Need help finding a song

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This is my second time trying to get help here so here it goes.

Back in around April I was listening to the discover weekly, and came across a Zelda "themed" song that had Navi's "hey, listen" in it. I listened to it a bunch only to find out the next day that discover weekly has added new songs and I cant find it anymore. It was a song that wasn't really Zelda inspired aside from the previously mentioned quote and the album cover.

Iirc, the album cover has a cartoonish boy (I'm assuming Link) laying against either a tree or tree stump, with a blue fairy (I'm assuming Navi) yelling at him on the right side of the cover. The rest of the cover was goldish yellow in color.


The song in question resembles Shimeroh's Hey Listen the most. However Shimeroh is not on Spotify what so ever.

If you are able to help me in my search, please respond. The search for this song has kept me awake for too long...

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Re: Need help finding a song


I have a guess as to the song. I think it might be ¨Pixies¨ by TIN. Its a relatively obscure artist, and kinda hard to find even if you know what you are looking for. The ¨hey listen¨ is definitely from nari, but the rest doesn´t match up. The cover is different, and it doesn't sound a whole lot like the link you provided. dunno if this helps, but here.