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Our Soundtrack is Now Complete


Our Soundtrack is Now Complete

Here's to all the motorcycle Riders, and especially the bikers.


The last of the songs that were needing to be played through my local files have now been added to Spotify's library.


The Marshall Tucker Band song (cover of) "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad", as well as the Rodney Atkins song "If You're Going Through **bleep** (Before The **bleep** Even Knows)" are now available to everyone to listen to on my playlists (both versions of "The Rider's Soundtrack"), so you get the full experience.



I can't believe that those two words, "He||" and "Dev¡|" were bleeped out. Of all the words that could be bleeped out, they picked those. I just wanted you to know the title of the song, in case you were wondering what's new to you to hear.

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