Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?


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Good idea SweRaider. I used to do something similar.

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organizing is something  i really enjoy doing and am good at,but music is one ive struggled with,genres?artist?mood?bands?times?


But what i found works best for me is have a playlist with 'old' songs i love mainly from 90s-2010 and having an older songs playlist concentrating on 50s-80s perhaps abit earlier.


i have a playlist for songs i can listen to wheneve (songs i likein general)


and a recently favourite playlist often monthly.

my spotify a.jordann

Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?

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i'm a perfectionist as well so i can get you. i split all of my music up and i have around 40+ playlists. excessive? yeah kinda but the main one that i use is my "month" playlist which is just named after the current month at the time and has all of my favorite songs on there. but here's the kicker: everything is alphabetically organized. the playlists all the way down to the music. i used to organize them by artist then moved to do it by song to give some variety. i honestly really like it that way although it is kind of a pain in the **bleep** to move all of them around.

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Oh my local music library is more organized than what I have on Spotify.. :')


I have one large playlist for music I really love.

Another even larger playlist is for music I like enough not wanting to lose them (originally Saved Music), so what happens is when I have lots of music saved in Songs and I don't really feel like dropping them in my "You Sound Good", but I still like them for some reason, that's where they go.

One playlist holds music sampled by favourite artists as well as some classical melodies.

One is purely for awesome beats. "Lace me with those beats".

Another pretty new one is for smooth bassy atmospheres.


Other playlists I have are more specific in terms of:

discography for certain labels like Methlab (which gets followers from somewhere...), Renraku and some others;

a playlist containing songs Amon Tobin has used in his sets;

a playlist of music I used to listen to when I was... an early teen;

one very specific mood playlist, etc.


I don't really care about if any of it is sorted by year or alphabetically. I only care about how the song makes me feel... : )


My local library is sorted in folders in this way:

->Album 1
->Album 2
->Album 3 etc
->EP 1
->EP 2 etc
>Other Releases (for non-studio albums)
>Other Content (for all kinds of stuff)
->whatever else

But obviously that's not feasible on Spotify, for fundamental reasons. 🙂

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Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?


Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?


Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?


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@SweRaider wrote:

I've been struggling with this for a very long time and had different ways of organizing over the years. The most suitable way for me was to just sort my favorites by time periods. This I found to be ideal when I discovered a bunch of my nostalgia-inducing old music.


So I'd create a folder, "By Time" adding all my favorites in each time period:







1960-1970 (I often split them during major music revolutions)




If you listen to the same type of music today as you did 10 years ago however this probably won't be useful.


I also keep another folder where I sort by major genres instead ("By Genre"): (loosley following )



- Tropical House

- New Beat

- Hands Up

- Europop

- Disco

- Trance

- Electro

- Hardcore

- Club

- Chillout

- ...



- Contemporary

- Acoustic

- Hip Pop

- Hip Hop

- Electropop

- Pop Rock

- Oldies

- Latin

- ...



- Punk Rock

- Alternative

- Acoustic

- Hard Rock

- Heavy Metal

- ...


Blues / Jazz / Country

- Bebop

- Swing

- ...



- Celtic

- Guangdong

- Oriental

- Danceband

- ... (whatever odd regional genres you may have)

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Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?


Folders and Subfolders.

Genre - Time - Mood - Test

Genre: House RnB etc. -> House: Deep House, Baselines, Melodic, Tropical etc.

Time: 2018 - 2019, 2015 - 2018, 2010 - 2015 etc.

Mood: Diner, Romantic, Happiness etc.

Test: all new songs or playlists or Albums

Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?


This is a super late reply, but I figured someone might find it useful. The way I organize my playlists is by what kind of mood they put me in (or if they don't put me in any particular mood then I do it by genre), and then organize those playlists into folders distinguished by music genre. For example:



---deep house

---tropical house




---happy indie

---sad indie

---indie rock

Re: Perfectionism: How do you organize your music?

I like to make a lot of playlists with cinematic themes like they’re being played in sequence of a film. Or just how different styles flow well from song to song. I’m very weird but it makes sense to me and yet I always find myself re-resorting similar ones together late at night so I can find them quicker like an OCD vampire but everybody has their own way of doing it!