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Please delete song about russian agression


Please delete song about russian agression


Spotify, please delete this track


It glorifies russian aggression and violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Thank you!



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and censoring it would be a violation of free speech

Propaganda of terrorism has no place here

I am originally from Russia, now citizen of Finland for over 20 years. This song is pure garbage. I couldn't listen it full.

I hate the President of Russia, he is war criminal and should be fired and burnt in certain place. He does not deserve to live.

Ukraine will eliminate all the terrorists from their country and Putin should feel bad about his weakness.

I sincerely hope that whole Russia will fail and Ukraine grow, so I can travel to see it once everything is over.

I haven't visited my home land Russia in more than 15 years AND I NEVER WILL because what Putin did to his regime.

But I will visit UKRAINE one day once useless attack from Russia is over and there will be something to see.

Once reconstructed. I will bring more than happily my money elsewhere than Russian regime.

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