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Why the **bleep** can't we have a proper shuffle of our liked songs? I like a certain amount of songs and expect them to be TOTALLY RANDOM. NOT WHAT YOU **bleep**S THINK IS APPROPRIATE.  I'm sick of**bleep**. I have around 3000 songs liked and expect to hear them at random but I hear the same 50 songs over and over an over and over and over and over again. Fix it. There should be an option to have your likec songs be random not what you dumb **bleep**s think I want to listen to. I hate it please please please fix it or I'm leaving this and going back to limewire...

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Well hello Mr / Mrs / Miss **bleep** welcome to the forums.


I currently have 867 songs in my liked playlist and the shuffle feature works perfect for my self. i don't know if there is a difference between premium and free. as you have not said if your using free or premium account or not.


Please come back the drones need you,.... 😃

Good day Fireguy518,


Shuffle isn’t making a positive impact on your life it seems. Sorry that you’re frustrated. 

The community exists to address issues that are impeding on Spotify’s ability to have a positive impact on your life. So, we’re where we need to be!


If you could provide more objective details about the situation that would be helpful. Behavioral factors such as if you tend to skip a lot, how often you’re adding new music, how many playlists of liked songs you have, if the app is mistakenly misdirecting you, etc.

Finally, please understand that as it pertains to sorting songs according to your preferences, complete randomness doesn’t exist. Science tried, and it’s not in the cards. 

Read more here. It’s helpful in general about understanding how to best work with AI to make it work for you. 

I would like to help. I know how I feel when it seems like I am not being heard and have an issue that is frustrating me. It’s a lousy feeling and I’ll do my best to improve your experience with the service if you’re willing to work with me.



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