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Spotify-friendly Electronic Music Sites


Spotify-friendly Electronic Music Sites

Here are some websites and blogs that specialize in electronic music and feature Spotify links:



  • Trancify ( - Specializing in trance music (and "made of tiger blood"), Trancify lists new releases in Spotify based on trance genres such as goa, progressive, psychedelic and anthem.


  • SpotiKat ( -  Find and listen to independent music using Boomkat, Pitchfork, Discogs, The Silent Ballet, Redefine Magazine, Drowned In Sound, Type Records or as source and Spotify as media player.



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Great links, thanks!  I have several great electronic music spotify playlists on my site.

The Stream Lab is a guide for streaming music festivals, concerts, clubs, and DJs. Watch as it happens live from around the globe, FREE! We also have a kick-ass Spotify profile!

Thanks for the links...Especially the Brutal Resonance.

Much appreciated!

If you're into ambient electronica, check out the following recommendation site:


Every album recommended is linked to on Spotify.  There is some lovely stuff on their.

I've started a website called beatmatch which reviews and discusses electronic music, if available, all reviews come with accompanying spotify link/player check it out here:

Thanks for the link sharing! Some good sites there. Nice to be able to go to a few sites that specialize in Electronic music rather then having to go searching in a bunch of different places.

hey guys! My electronic music fan community & news site, ( includes links to the 'Listen on Spotify' pages for  many many electronic music artists from several genres (progressive house, deep, drum and bass, edm, etc), accessible from the 'Artist Search' page: In addition, I also make posts from time to time about an artist's music becoming available for listening on Spotify. Cheers!

Hi, everyone.

I'm making an electronic music in various genres and I'd like to share it. I've just released a new track called 'I can Take It!'. It's a nice House track. Please listen to it/ put on your playlist, and/or follow my music profile on Spotify if you like it. I'll follow back. Thank you and have a nice Sunday.

You can find more of my music on my profile here:


Brutal Resonance looks like relevance for me... Because I saw a couple dark / cyberpunk synthwave on the list and I listen to them. 

*Sorry for that wrong English... I just forgot the "couple of" before the music or content I mentioned.

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