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The Mandela Effect In Music


The Mandela Effect In Music

Something strange seems to be going on. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't really think so.


Has anyone else experienced the Mandela Effect?


Have you experienced it in music? If you have, let us everyone know about your experiences, and see if anyone had the same ones.


I think I experienced one, last night/this morning. Even though it's a song that haven't heard very much, I remember the specific key words in the title being emphasized more, with a faster beat.

This one isn't as a strong of an example, but it's still weird, because I also don't remember it being sang the way that I'm hearing it, now. Here's the song.


The experience that really sticks out to me is with an album that I bought around 2003 or 2004 I hadn't listen to it, in years, until a couple years or so ago (on Spotify now), but the whole album doesn't sound right, to me.


One song, in particular, is not even about what I remember it being about. Even if I was wrong about which song it was that was about that, none of the songs are about it.

I remember the song being about a situation on a plane like, where someone was making a life and death kind of decision, because of being in a hijacking situation or something. The song didn't even have the right sound.

This band is definitely not well known, so I'm not mistaking the band for any other, not that there's any doubt. The album cover is also very memorable.


Here's the album.


The song that I particularly remember that does not have in it what I remember it having in it is this.


Is there something that you remember differently, about a song or album, like how it goes, or even when it came out?


What are your Mandela Effects in music?

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