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This Place Is Dead


This Place Is Dead

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School just started back, bruh. Some of us just hitched a ride on the student loan struggle bus.


On another note, someone should put a Tay Keith beat over those cricket sounds.

What do school and student loans have to do with it? You can get on here, anytime. Also, school doesn't start back for another week. I have no idea who Tay Keith is. Also, this community has been dead for a while, except for certain posts. It's nothing but the same junk, people just posting their same old playlists.

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Dude why so aggressive?? Not everyone is living a clone of you're life. Lay off the anxiety inducing crickets and go find yourself some lo-fi ambient chillstep. I swear it'll do you wonders. Some of us actually start school tomorrow but somehow you seem more stressed than I am...

Aggressive? If you think that's aggressive, you won't make it very long without a safe space. Actually, the crickets are relaxing. I like to fall asleep to them, sometimes. I don't listen that other stuff. I'm not very stressed, although I still have school going on in the form of finishing up a paper from a summer course. I'm pretty relaxed, right now.

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Ok my bad, I'm glad you're relaxed haha, I wish I was. You just seemed pretty angry? So I was confused. But totally get it, I've been studying for the mcat too so it's a lot going on. Honestly music is my safe space bc you can always connect w/ really chill people and find something that takes you out of reality. I was joking about the chillstep btw, if crickets is your thing then go for it haha. 😛 whatever helps you take life less seriously! we all out here

It's not as dead as a certain other website that shaped my internet-era teenagehood. I'm pretty sure we're seeing the last year of that site being alive. Sad, but that's life I guess.


The Music Chat needs reorganizing. : )


I'm checking out this place daily, but I'm sometimes not having enough willpower to post anything. and work are a pretty huge portion of our lives. And uh, different start times for different zones, my dude. Most of us have our priorities set and contributing to a "dead" online music forum 24/7 just might not be one of them. I actually enjoy sifting through threads and discovering music I would've never gotten the chance to. You might call it junk, I call it taste and a passion for sharing it.


Tay Keith is one helluva producer, by the way, and feels very sad you don't know who he is. He produced "Look Alive" for BlocBoy JB and Drake, and that song goes dummy. Check it owt.

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