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Track of the Week 23/20: Klangkarussell – Shipwreck


Track of the Week 23/20: Klangkarussell – Shipwreck

Track of the Week 23_20 Klangkarussell & Nikodem Milewski - Shipwreck.jpgKlangkarussell have not been shipwrecked. Quite the opposite. I’m pretty sure their new track should float right to the top.


This is not the first collaboration between Klangkarussell and Nikodem Milewski. Nikodem is no stranger, but he usually works as a mix & mastering engineer in the background. The list of well-known releases he has refined in the past years is long. However, with Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held (Klangkarussell) he already worked together as author and arranger on their debut album ‘Netzwerk’.


Yes, from my point of view ‘Shipwreck‘ is a masterpiece that could appeal to a fairly wide audience because of its character. Beautiful, catchy (but not stale) harmonies, slightly melancholic, lyrics that many people can find themselves in, and the whole thing arranged in a club suitable style.It could also be heard regularly on the radio, even if it is just over four minutes long. I’m not writing about the sound. I dare not rewrite the magic it emanates.


I already know that I can listen to the track for a long time without being annoyed by it. The track will be big, I’m sure of it. On the Klangspot ‘Melodic Techno & Progressive House‘ Spotify playlist the track is already on the top this week:

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