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What Do You Bring To Spotify? Post Your Local File Playlist


What Do You Bring To Spotify? Post Your Local File Playlist

So, I had the idea of sharing what you listen to that Spotify doesn't have. I created a separate Local Files playlist that's just for my essential local files. These are the ones that I use for playlists. The ideas is to have a playlist small enough to download that will have those (local file) songs that you've added to different playlists. This way you will always have those songs available to play in those playlist, whether you have internet or have to download the playlist.

Here's mine.


What's also cool about local file playlists is the fact that you can add pretty much whatever audio file that will work. I've even created playlists of audio clips from a teacher in college, who put them on Blackboard for us to use for study guides. You may want to add little interesting clips to introduce a song. Also, listening to local bands that you bought music from is another advantage.


If you don't have one like mine, you should check out doing it. It definitely beats looking through or downloading a large collection of local files.

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I don't really listen to any of my local files through Spotify. Basically for 2 reasons - 1. everything makes better sense to me in folder view over at foobar and 2. majority (80% out of over 4k tracks) is in lossless, Spotify doesn't support neither flac nor wav.

(but my Walkman does support both..!)


They're mostly Amon content like the boxset and a slew of EP's and rare tracks, but also artists like Baby Fox, Cardiacs, the Sea Nymphs, Current Value doesn't have much on Spotify, lots of singles and... Majority of what I have is also available on Spotify, but I can't rely on the platform too much - I've seen my favourites disappear. 🙂

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