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What Does Music Do For You ?


What Does Music Do For You ?

Every song in my current playlist for me is special because i can recall in such a vivid way remember where i was and what i was doing at that time and who is was with, its really special to me personally.


Happy memories and sad sad moments all part of life and music had played a big part in my life, used to be a DJ for many years in my hometown and doing venues in many parts of my hometown.  the feeling is really hard to describe some times.


One bad memory i have is ran up a £250 bar tab due to getting free drinks from the venue bar one night and i remember getting drinks for everybody at that venue.


Not* so funny at the time but when i think back if was really funny occasionally when i am just sitting and listening to music i get vivid flashbacks of the night in question.


Thank You For Reading. ❤️

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Every song is the extract of artists' thinking, value, emotions or attitudes, etc. I would put similar ones in a single playlist that symbolizes one of the orientations of my thinking or value. So every time I listen to my favorite music, I am facing the people, and my inner part as well.

Thank You Tony! 🙂

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