What are you listening to??

What are you listening to??

Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to say I'm hear to find great new music. Let me know what your listening to? Also who is your new favorite of 2019 so far. I like all types of music.




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There's a number of songs Iisten to on repeat.


This one has heavenly chords and is nice to chill out to:



This is a golden oldie by Joni Mitchell, really nice:



This is a song by an Irish duo. Their voices are angelic and the song itself is also nice to chill out to:






Recent Ally Brooke's release featuring Tyga - "Low Key"




My name is Kigan,  here's a single  from a twenty-one year old singer and songwriter raised in D.C. With tantalizing deep vocals and axe in hand, Winzday Love lyrics captivate listeners, inviting them into a state of cosmic soul consciousness with punk rock accents




Kigan Jo


Hey man!

if you like rock and some metal influences i can recommend this



i also enjoyed the new record from Bring Me The Horizon this year




and this EP from 2018 is also great




i have them all on repeat 😄

Hey @musiclove26 🙂


My musical horizon is mostly in electronic music, constantly on the look for new great tunes.


My current new favourite song... Hard to say - I came across an Amon Tobin Coalesce setlist and I'm looking through all the new tunes. Amazing stuff! Lots of raw d&b, bass that pins and wild energy.


This one fits my weird cool cravings:


The other (Starkey remix) is also cool, a bit more disjointed.


I'm currently in love with this Ital Tek tune though:


Something about the atmosphere... I am a huge fan of Submachine game series (by Mateusz Skutnik), the tune reminds me of The Core. This song takes me to my own version of Winter Palace.


I do listen to non-electronic music as well.... (sometimes) 🙂

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This song has been hanging in my steady rotation since early december



I love how calm this song is and also Im listening to Janice



This new remix is cool:


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This are my very favorites tracks so far



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Hey, I'm just listening to my Chill Beats playlist at the moment!

Chill Beats

I seen your thread wanting to discover new music. My name is Goran, new to the community. 

here is my Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7Kl7IJSzsRPXZlh7IklhuZ?si=c0NYww-xSLCTDJjh6r8gkg

Here is a great playlist to enjoy!

Mulligan Mix



I've had this album on repeat for i don't even know how long. 



Hey! Im listening to this! It just came out!



This is a latin pop song called "Toda Mi Gente" (trans: All My People).  



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