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What are your favourite energy booster songs?


What are your favourite energy booster songs?

I'm really interested in Indie, Folk and Alternative music, but I want to hear what you guys like to listen to! 

12 Replies

This track should give you some energy! 

Songs that give me energy... I have quite a few. Examples:


spotify:track:555edQb20VBw3uMqyNIZcf:small (let's ignore the fact the lyrics are pretty much drug-based, shall we?) :')


spotify:track:29V84n0B4HTLoG7HYDBEBF:small (also my very first purchase off Beatport. I survived!)


spotify:track:0HrZCuhSOxBaWut7DGcWYP:small and spotify:track:7xhi5EW3ZtH66W6RkUPoPV:small

I, uh, do live off the high I get from music, so the chorus part from the first song speaks to me. I absolutely don't need any kind of drugs to get my spirit high.

when i'm running i love to listen to edm to get me up and going! i use this playlist for kinda hyping myself up:

i also love listening to punk/pop/rock when i'm having a one (wo)man dance party, it just gets me in the mood to kinda whip my hair around if you feel haha:

you mentioned you were into indie & this is my playlist for kinda "chill" songs if you ever want some new music! :


they all work the best if you start from the most recently added and work your way up/just stop halfway bc the earliest additions are meh haha. enjoy!

In order to cheer me up I need to listen not only to music, but also to drink an energy drink or smoke marijuana. Then I am ready to work and come up with new ideas. It is a pity that in some countries, marijuana is prohibited.

And I came across the sale of an energy drink with hemp with a warning - a crossed out formula that does not contain narcotic substances. Legalization of hemp, I think, the only way out, if u think the same just send a message to me. Because of the corruption, the responsible authorities do not strain themselves in order to somehow fight this, so I see no other way out. This applies to any drugs, prostitution and casinos. All this will be, if not legally, then in the shade.

My band Troubled Minds just released this song that's packed with energy. If you dig our sound follow us on our socials below to keep in touch!






Hello there! My name is Andrew Wahrlich from the all original band named Rezon8. I have released 11 songs in the past 6 months. I’m currently on a Skate Punk playlist with roughly 1,300 followers with my single “Fall Down” and a few other playlists as well. My sound is most like Blink-182Green Day and The Offspring. I would be honored to be added to your playlist if you like the song!!!

After breaking the legs of.. your loft bed, you can leave the house calmly ..and join the army

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