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What are your top 3 Spotify Playlists?


What are your top 3 Spotify Playlists?

What are your top 3 favourite Spotify Playlists at the moment?

I'm going to kick this off with: 

  1. Indie Electronic
  2. Indie Frescura
  3. All New All Now

Feel free to list yours below with links.

Sharing is discovering! 

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My top 3 favorite playlists are probably:

1. Under The Stars

2. Keep it 100

3. Wild + Free

Now that's what I call diversity. 

Nice picks. 

Hey 🙂


Mine would be Hits du Moment, Hit Rewind and of course, My Discover Weekly playlist.... I wouldn't say they're my all-time top 3 but for now they're it.




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Couldn't agree more KatesHere. Discovery Weekly is always a favourite. 

What does yours sound like? Feel free to share a link!

Go Go Penguin is my friend's band. They're fantastic! Cool to find them at the top of your list. Kudos!!!

However, what are your favourite Spotify curated playlist augustorp?

@Musicologist Is your friend in Gogo Penguin? I saw them live in The Netherlands at a jazz festival, great band! They are also featured in my jazz radio show on Dutch radio, the concertzender.


Bytheway, augustorp is one of those annoying spammers of playlists. Filling every topic with his link.... 

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Awesome thread idea @Musicologist.


I'd have to go with these:


"The Most Beautiful Songs in the World"

Hot New Bands:
Lost in the Woods

Ooooo, feel like I just found a christmas stocking early! Thanks @Meredith.

Cool to see Siv Jakobsen's How We Used to Love - she's an old friend from Berklee. Will let her know!

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gotta admit that is SUCH a hard question but I think its gotta be

1. Discover weekly

2. my own aka EDM music link:

3. and my daily mix or Swedish Dance Chart v.3

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Well i have 2 top playlist and one came out a few days ago


one is "top hits in 2016"


the other is "top hits in 2017"



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