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What is your favorite musical instrument to hear?


What is your favorite musical instrument to hear?

Is there an instrument that you find yourself especially appreciating the timbre of when you listen to music? I really enjoy the sound of electric guitar, since it can vary so much according the settings of the amplifier, any effects pedals that are being used, and the guitar itself

AdamDamSpotify Star
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6 Replies

Piano, saxophone, bagpipes.

Electric guitar, violin and bass.


I absolutely agree with what you said about the electric guitar, I don't understand much about instruments in general but when this is well played... it's amazing.

Hi I think that violin (strings in general) and saxophone are maybe two that really give me a wide range of emotions.



JpgchiefRock Star 14
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Good question!


umfh... 🤔


I love the elevated feeling strings can give into music.

I love piano for its diversity and sheer beauty it can give so easily into a piece of music.

I love brass horns (sax and trombone come to mind) for their distinct speechy character. Use it right and what an atmosphere!

Harmonica, for the same reason.

Electric guitar riffs that make your arm hairs rise.

Guitar in general. I heard someone play Gymnopedie no 1 on a classical guitar, ohoh oh.

I love the drums. Now this goes halfway into electronic music, but awesome percussion in a track gets me good.
(maybe at this point I can say I love the sampler? lol)


I love the sounds of analog synths. I feel warm hearing distinct Moog or Korg sounds in a track.


Vocals, no matter if they do carry (coherent) lyrics. Sometimes just a sound of a man or woman is more than enough!


But most of all, sounds synthesized. The incredible crafts created by artists exploring sound and what's possible with sound. Sometimes sounding like a real instrument in a warped timeline, other times like something I've never imagined was possible.

....They're often a combination of software or hardware, or just hardware though, unknown to me.


Isn't it amazing how music keeps connecting us across time? Our musical preferences might change, but the excitement for discovering and enjoying different instruments never really fades.

It's pretty cool how discussions from three years back can still resonate with us today. Your love for the electric guitar's unique sound and its ability to change with different settings is something that many of us can still relate to. It's like the guitar's personality adapts to the music it's playing!


By the way, have you ever checked out I know it's been a while, but their collection of instruments might still pique your interest. Even though time has passed, their website could still be a treasure trove for exploring new sounds.

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