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Who is your favorite artist?


Who is your favorite artist?

Who is your favorite artist?


My favorite artist is Meat Loaf. such a talented artist music to fit any mood and lift the spirits and take you on a lyrical journey through each and every song no matter how many times you listen to the same song time after time decade after decade.


It's such a magical journey to experience such a talented artist from beginning to a never ending journey in a musical sense.

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Atif Aslam has a wide fan following, particularly in South Asia, and has won numerous awards for his music. He first gained fame as the lead vocalist of the Pakistani rock band Jal, before launching a successful solo career.

As a solo artist, Atif Aslam is known for his soulful and melodious voice, and his ability to sing in multiple languages, including Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. Some of his most popular songs include "Aadat," "Woh Lamhe," "Tere Bin," and "Pehli Nazar Mein."

In addition to his music career, Atif Aslam has also appeared in a few Bollywood films, where he has showcased his acting skills. He is widely regarded as one of the most popular and successful artists in Pakistan, and continues to release new music to critical and commercial acclaim.

Overall, Atif Aslam is a talented and versatile artist who has made a significant impact on the music industry in Pakistan and beyond.

Mine would have to be Phil Wickham

and here is my favorite song by him,

Highly recommend giving a few of his songs a listen! He is a really great artist!

Thank You - for taking time to reply and added to a external bookmark for later listening. 


Thank you for sharing.

I don't favorite artist or band, but I have more than one, for each genre or most of the genres that I like. I'll list at least one, for some of the genres that I like.

Rock: Van Halen, AC/DC

Metal: Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Metallica

Country: Alabama

Techno: Robert Miles





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