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Worst songs on Spotify


Worst songs on Spotify

Hi Guy's


Quite often I will get artists sending me tracks for potential inclusion on playlists, sometimes they are good but other times they can be terrible. Thought it would be fun to start a topic highlighting some of the worst tracks in the Spotify vaults. This one was sent to me recently and would be very near the top of my list, it is labeled as "Country Techno" which is a whole new concept for me!

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@Gidyin Before I even opened this post I was thinking of tracks I've been asked to add to a playlist I couldn't stand. Luckily most are good or if I don't like them they've been open to feedback. I can only imagine the one's you get.

I am going to answer honestly, as usual.


I get tons of requests (DMs in the community , emails , twitter or facebook messages) per day, asking me for including songs in my playlists. It's rare that I add the songs because, most of times, it doesn't fit the genres I want and like, and when it could, the quality of the recording is not good enough (bad mixing, bad mastering)

But, by respect for people trying to create something, in any case I would point out publicly any of them.


SoundofusSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

@Soundofus you are probably right and in most cases I wouldn't comment, but this song was so bad I felt I had to share it. The artist asked for honest feedback which I gave him directly, call me disrespectful but it was absolutely howling!

@Gidyin In my opinion you did the right thing. As an artist, we want honest feedback, or at least most of us do. It's actually one thing we rarely get because everyone is trying to be so PC. But that doesn't help, it only helps if you hear the raw truth. Yea, it can hurt, but once you get over it, it can also give you a lot of direction.


Thanks, gbow

@gbow thanks for the feedback. Critics have been reviewing artists for decades and as we all know they can sometimes be fairly harsh. I think if you are prepared to put your music in the public domain then you have to be open to potential criticism. The particular track that I have chosen, in my opinion has left itself wide open to criticism given it's lyrics and genre. Th artist has also made a song called "Jack White is a Douchebag" so he is obviously not scared of causing offence himself. At the end of the day there are millions of songs on Spotify with a large chunk of them falling into the terrible category, I don't see anything wrong with pointing out the one's that suck, it was just a bit of fun and it's only personal opinion after all.


Has anyone actually listened to the track yet? Would be interested to hear if anyone can say anything positive about it!



Don't misunderstood me 🙂


What I said is that, personnaly, I don't give feedback publicly when I got a track submitted for adding to a playlist. But, of course, that doesn't mean we can't give direct private feedback to the artist.


That's totally different when it's not a request and just a song we found out by ourself. As you said, musical criticism exists since music exists. And if we wanted criticize all what we find not good on Spotify, the rest of our life would not be enough to accomplish it 😄


We have just to keep in mind that personal taste it very subjective and is totally different from a person to another. Just an example, A big majority has a mouthfull of Ed Sheeran but personally, except maybe one or two songs, I am not really sensitive to his music 😉


That said, I have listened the track you talked about. I am still alive but I needed some time to recover 🙂



SoundofusSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

@Soundofus haha I think it will take your ears some time to recover! if you are a glutten for punishment there is a video that goes with it that is equally as horrific.  In fairness to him his top song has had almost 1.9 million plays so there is obviously a market for sh*t music!

@Gidyin  asked "Has anyone actually listened to the track yet?"


Yea I listened to it, and what sucks even worse than the song is that they have over 13,000 monthly listeners and almost 3,900 followers! 


But that does give us some hope! As an artist with fewer than 150 followers and less than 150 monthly listeners, who at least in my opinion is much better than this, the sky is the limit!! haha. 



@gbow if you are not better than this then I would suggest packing the music business in! His numbers are actually scaring me a little, I'm guessing most of his followers have had a musical lobotomy....

This showed up in my top recommendations today. It is apparently heavily auto-tuned sound bites of Carl Sagan from Cosmos. This approach to making someone sound like he is singing doesn't have a lot to offer musically.




Yes @fduniho and again over 11,000 monthly listeners. Not my cup of tea but apparently someones.



Genuinely scared of this song. Awful singing, and it tries to infuse dubstep into a pop song... in 2016.

Nickleback (Anything) LOL

This song is very popular worldwide. Lots of people love it. But my taste says otherwise. It's the worst song I've ever heard in my whole life. I just don't like it.

Many of the listeners are probably one-time listeners who wonder if this is going to be anything like the wonderful music from Cosmos, only to find out that it isn't.





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