Your very first favourite song?

Your very first favourite song?



Saw someone ask that question and thought it would be a pretty lovely thing to reflect upon.


So, do you remember your first favourite song? Did you also have a first favourite artist (even if you only knew one album from them, you'd still vibe to them)?


Have a lovely day 🙂

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It’s difficult for me to say what my first favorite song was, since I’m not sure I’ve ever considered a song to be my absolute favorite (except maybe within the last year, when I started using and can keep track of which song I’ve played the most so far; that song would be “Reality Fades” by Weedpecker).


As a kid in Kindergarten, I remember that my dad had a few CDs that I liked, and he only played 2 or 3 songs that he liked from each album. I enjoyed a few of his songs at that age, specifically “Two Princes” by The Spin Doctors, “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana; the latter song I thought was hilarious because it sounds so angry during the chorus and my dad would always play it loudly in the garage, including later when I was in elementary and middle school. Sometimes my brothers and I would ask him to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” (I forget what we would call it; maybe we just called it “the angry song”) since we thought it was so funny, so that song might qualify as my answer to your question.


However, I only started having my own laptop in high school, which included iTunes and the iTunes store, so only then did I start buying music and listening to it for fun on a regular basis. I think my favorite band in high school was Iron Maiden, and I remember playing “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” a lot in particular (and oftentimes I would skip to the guitar solo toward the end, since it builds up so nicely), though I also really liked Pink Floyd (especially the “Meddle” album) and Mastodon (especially the “Blood Mountain” album), among others. However, I don’t think I ever thought to sort my library in iTunes by number of plays, so I don’t know what song I played the most when I first started listening to music for fun.


How about you, Sebasty?


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One of the earliest musical memories I have is Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.

Her voice sounds cheerful ad funny.

For me, It's also difficult to pinpoint my favorite song, for sure, but I was raised on Country music. Although, my Uncle gave us our first real taste of rock, via Van Halen, when I was 5. I remember hearing "Eruption", in his car. My first favorite group was Alabama, which I had some cassette tapes of, at some point, as a kid. I remember riding my bicycle, listening to them on a tape player. I don't knkw for sure which album was my first one, but at some point, I remember liking "I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)". It was and still is a favorite of mine. Even though I found out it is actually a cover song, I still like their version, better.


Oh, Spotywakeup


Did you know that a guy is who wrote and originally recorded that song? His name is Robert Hazard. I don't know why, but the song isn't on Spotify.

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Lovely replies!


I think the first song I remember hearing quite exactly was this:


...on a long car trip somewhere. It was dusk, I was sleepy and I was just imagining some sparking electric currents creating that music (specifically the vocals) in the speaker. I was very small back then. While that song is lovely, I didn't quite consider my favourite, I just enjoyed it.


Another song with memory is In-Grid - "You Promised Me", which still carries the scent of old clothes and textile I was cutting clothing out of for my toys. That accordion sound in it, especially...


Now, to favourite song. I can't remember which happened first, so I'll talk about both.


My father went to France often (built log cabins in the Alps) and he'd sometimes buy various CD's from gas stations to play in the car. Some were trance/house music compilations by Kontor records. Hearing ATB's version of Atlantic Ocean's "Waterfall" sealed my love for electronic music. I also loved that track:


..which played before the aforementioned tune.


My grandmother gave me a Ricky Martin CD and VHS, probably after seeing me attentively watching his music videos. That was my first favourite artist. :')

I drew a lot of "fan art" and danced myself crazy to songs like

and I remember being right next to the speaker, singing along to a chorus of this:


Being a non-English kid, the chorus I sang was "Justeeeeee~!" and I have fan art of that too, Ricky Martin singing next to a towering speaker.



(let me finish this cup of coffee, drink down the mild embarrassment, lmao)


...Anyway, that intense amount of dancing and jumping broke the PC that had the misfortune of being in the same room as me. It also sent the CD-player to smithereens and the VHS player took a break too at some point.


I got my first own device when I was somewhen in 7th grade, I don't remember well. It's a Philips audio system called the "micro home theatre". I still have it play music from my PC. But at that time I could start listening to radio as well as play CD's in it. I listened to a dance music station and.. gave DJ's a bit too much credit by confusing them with producers. :'D

This track which I heard from that channel:


..sealed my love for drum&bass. I loved that energy these fast beats gave, I still love it a lot.


(I burned a Robbie Williams' "Greatest Hits" album to death by playing it too much)

(I'm now avoiding playing CD's... I rip them in instead)


It was also around that time I started keeping a list of my favourite songs in my tiny "website" that was given to all users of a specific website to own and decorate to their liking. I sometimes visit it through wayback machine and rub my face a lot... : )


...So tl:dr, several first favourite songs marking different things for me. First favourite artist was Ricky Martin.

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My Favourite song, that I really liked and learnt inside out, was Stitches by Shawn Mendes one of his first song, I really connected too, I liked the way he had done this song, my favourite lyrics from this song is 


"Got a feeling that I'm going under
But I know that I'll make it out alive"


These lyrics, I loved they connected because I could tell how much it meant, it also showed me that whatever you do, you can improve and nothing can get in your way if you try hard enough, I have always believed in this.

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